My 101 in 1001

#5 Take a Yoga Class

I started my first yoga class last night!
Check out my post about it here.

#22- Try a New Recipe

So I tried a variation of one of the earlier recipes I posted.

All I’ve been doing is boiling up some cauliflower and carrots. Drain them. Put them in my newest Pyrex dish. Throw on some butter, garlic powder and parmesan cheese.
Its delicious. I’ve been having a massive bowl of them as a snack every for the last week. Definitely getting my veggies in 🙂 (Goal 59)

I have some cauliflower boiling up right now and am going to try it with some Italian seasoning instead of garlic.

Smells so good!

Three of my current obsessions: Pyrex, cauliflower, and Hipstamatic App for the iPhone!

#20- Learn to Embroider

I started my very first embroidery project… and finished it!

I’ve decided to do a robot theme in all my current projects. I figure this way I’ll be able to focus on and develop an idea in a variety of medias and styles. I have tons of robot photos saved on for inspiration! I bought some paints and got a bunch of embroidery floss from my mom today.
My mom is coming over on Wednesday to help me organize- I’m awful at it and she’s pretty darn good so I’m excited for that!
I think its time for sleep. Goodnight.

66- Organize our shelves

Organizing our shelves will be a huge task. One that I will most likely not get done in a single month. When we moved in we pretty much put things on shelves at random just to get them out of boxes. Unfortunately we still have a few boxes that we have not unpacked so I need to finish unpacking before I can really get to organizing the shelves.

Here are the “before” pictures of our two shelves:

Sorry these pictures are not very great. They were quick shots on my iPhone. I will be sure to take some on my camera before I start organizing them!

The “after” pictures are still to come…

22&65 New Recipes

Each month I would like to try out some new recipes so I don’t get stuck in a cooking rut. One of these recipes will be vegetarian. Since I’m focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables this month I am going to try two recipes that are vegetable based.

Carrots in Dill Butter from here


Roasted Garlic Cauliflower from here

Now I know slathering vegetables in butter is not exactly the healthiest way to eat vegetables but since we don’t currently eat a lot I figure buttery vegetable are better than no vegetables at all!

I’ll give you my review of the recipes when I get around to making them.

Thankfully my stove is real. (image found here)

April Goals

I’ve chosen 5 goals from my list to focus on from April 6- May 6.
These are the 5 I’ve chosen:

27. Loose 15 pounds (I don’t expect to loose all 15 this month, just to get started on it).

58. Eat fruits and vegetables every day.

60. Drink more water (refill my Starbucks cup three times).

66. Organize our shelves.

95. No candy for a week. (looking for candy pictures really made me want some!)

All pictures found via: weheartit

I’ll try to update as often as possible with how I’m doing. Its already been a week and I’m not doing amazing by any means but I’m slowly getting there…I may extend my focus on these for a week or two longer.

#55- Read 100 Books


Last week I read these three books. Please don’t laugh.

Now that you are done laughing…Reading these books reminds me of reading Gossip Girl in my last years of high school and I love that I can finish them in about an hour.

Now to balance out the fluffy very brain numbing read my next book is…

Unless by Carol Shields

I’ve yet to read one of her books but she’s been recommended to me by teachers since grade 7 so I figure its time I pick one of her books up and give it a go. I have two sitting on my bookshelf!

Check out it out! To the left…

So I managed to sorta get the list on here. I’m not happy with the formatting so I’ll play around as see what I can do.

I finished my list tonight. One item down, 100 to go!

Its not in a logical order, I kept the same numbering that the Day Zero site used just to keep it simple. Its not as organized as my previous list was but maybe that’ll be a good challenge to my very linear Type A personality!

Now for some progress posts…

101 in 1001

For those not familiar, the 101 in 1001 project was started by Michael Green on his website as a list of 101 goals to achieve over 1001 days. I created my own the year after I finished high school but never followed through with it.
As I look at the differences between the list I created then and the list I have created now I see how much a 5 years has changed me. As 18 year olds we never believe people when they tell us we still have so much to learn about who we are, I think it only took me until 18 and half to figure out they were right.
Here is the place where I will keep track of how I go about achieving my goals. I have plans for another blog which may eventually hold my 101 in 1001 progress but at this point I don’t want the two to mix. We’ll see what the future holds.

Visit my list on “Day Zero” .

I would like to have my list on the side but at the moment I’m exhausted, coughing up a lung and feel a sinus infection coming on. Maybe tomorrow….